When someone you love has been killed prematurely as a result of someone else’s negligence, there is no denying that you want to hold the responsible person, company, or manufacturer liable for your loved one’s fatal injuries. If you believe the cause of death is a faulty product, you need to learn what needs to be proven in order to hold the manufacturer of the dangerous product liable.

After the death of your loved one, there are four things that need to be established in order for you to have a valid product defect case, including:

  1. There is an injury or fatality
  2. The product is defective
  3. The defective product caused the injury or fatality
  4. The injury or fatality happened when the product was being used as it was intended

Because some of these elements can be difficult to prove, you need to turn to a skilled South Florida wrongful death attorney. A lawyer who has handled cases of this nature knows how critical it is to conduct a thorough investigation and do everything possible to establish proof and strengthen your case.

In order for a lawyer to establish proof, engineers and experts may need to be hired to evaluate the product in question. And they, along with your attorney, will have to look at every possible aspect to determine who is at fault. Things that need to be considered include:

  • The product could have been defectively designed
  • The product could have been defectively manufactured
  • The product could have came with bad instructions or poor warning labels

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