Slip and fall cases in Florida are not always as simple as showing medical records and getting money because of your injuries. Here’s What Needs to Be Proven to Win a Slip and Fall Case.


The first requirement for a slip and fall case is to determine whether or not the owner of the property was liable for the injury. For that to be true, one of the following must be proven:

  • The owner of the premises has to have caused the dangerous conditions that led to the slip and fall.
  • The owner of the premises has to have known about the conditions and done nothing to correct it.
  • The owner of the premises (or an employee) has to have known of the dangerous situation because a reasonable person would have seen and corrected it in taking care of the property.


Proving the reasonableness of the property owner is usually the biggest burden of proof in slip and fall cases. This looks at whether or not the property owner takes steps regularly to so the property is kept clean and safe.


The last requirement for proving this kind of case in Florida is whether or not your own carelessness caused the fall to happen. There are questions that you will be asked to help determine this.

  • Was there a reason for you to be near the dangerous spot?
  • Would a careful person have walked around the dangerous spot?
  • Were there warnings that the spot was dangerous?
  • Were you distracted in a way that led to you falling?

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Photo Source: Injury Law Services