It doesn’t take much for a South Florida slip and fall accident to occur in an apartment building. Spilled liquids, broken stairs and other clutter left on the grounds can cause one to slip and fall. When this occurs, an apartment resident or others on the property may sprain a limb or break bones.

There are many ways to avoid becoming the victim of a slip and fall accident in South Florida apartment buildings that include:

  • Be aware of what is around you.
  • Keep an eye out for broken tile or cement.
  • Avoid walking on throw rugs and runners, as they may not have a skid-proof backing.
  • Walk; don’t run in public areas, especially down the stairs.
  • Use the hand rails when going up or down the stairs.

One of the most common injuries of a Florida slip and fall accident is broken bones. This can be shown by bruising or swelling, significant pain, tingling and/or numbness, or an inability to move the limb. Broken limbs are a very common and painful injury that should not be taken lightly.

If your injuries were caused from the negligence of an apartment owner or manger who failed to provide a safe, hazard-free residence, please call a knowledgeable South Florida personal injury lawyer to find out more about your rights to financial recovery.