A three-year-old girl recently got her arm stuck in a pool drain in Key Biscayne, drawing attention to the dire need to cover drains properly in swimming pools, according to the Miami Herald.  Thankfully, the preschooler was freed after several rescue workers arrived on the scene, although it took approximately one hour to cut a pipe made of concrete and steel from her hand.  The workers were able to keep her head above water throughout the entire rescue, but the accident brought about safety concerns from Broward County residents.  According to Peter Gomez, spokesman for Miami Fire-Rescue, a proper solution would be making covers for the part of skimmers where the vacuum plugs in, which would prevent children from being able to stick their hands in dangerous places.

A new law took effect in December requiring all public swimming pools and spas to cover all drains, but owners of private, backkyard pools are not required to take the same action. In order to ensure swimming pool safety, private pool owners should invest in drain covers, despite the fact that the law does not currently apply to them.