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There are several different kinds of insurance involved in a motorcycle accident. You may have automobile accident insurance, motorcycle insurance, medical insurance and a disability policy. If you have a health insurance policy and a disability policy, a medical insurance policy will pay for the medical bills that you incur along with any doctors that you decide to see and you’re going to be responsible for whatever your insurance doesn’t pay along with the deductible. Your disability, when you file that, will pay you for as long as you’re disabled.

The problem with both of those is that doesn’t mean that you will get a lump sum settlement in your pocket. In regards to automobile insurance, that policy will not cover you when you’re riding on a motorcycle and because it doesn’t cover you, you will not be able to get any benefits pursuant to that automobile policy. For the motorcycle policy, if you have that in place, as a general rule, the only kind of coverage that that generally has is damage to the vehicle, short of that is really nothing else that can be done, which means that your medical bills will be outstanding from $1.

The reason why you hire a lawyer is to help navigate you through this system, to make sure that you get all the benefits that you’re entitled to, and to help you get a lump sum settlement from the other driver’s insurance policy.

If the Other Party’s Insurance Insists the Accident was My Fault, What does that Mean for my Case?

Your case is not doomed if you’ve had an accident that was your fault. There are things that have to be looked at before that determination can be made. It could be that the other driver is partially at fault or it could be that the other driver could have done something to avoid the accident, so just because you’ve had an accident and just because the police officer has indicated that you’re at fault and given you a ticket doesn’t necessarily mean that your claim will in fact turn out that way.

The jury may think that yes, you could be at fault, but you could be 75 percent at fault, you could be 80 per cent at fault, you could even be 90 percent at fault or 50 percent at fault, or the jury could ultimately find that you’re not at fault at all. Before you take that step and say, “Okay, I’m at fault,” a better idea is to check with an attorney and find out what their thoughts are.

Are there Any Rules of the Road that Differ Between Automobiles and Motorcycles?

There really are no rules that are different between the operation of an automobile versus the operation of a motorcycle. The only thing that I would suggest is that when you’re riding a motorcycle, be a lot more aware of your surroundings, be a lot more aware of the other drivers. You still need to turn your signals on when you’re changing lanes, you still need to signal to other drivers when you’re going to do something, and you still need to follow at a safe distance. Short of that, you just need to drive very safely.

After an Accident Who should I contact first, a Doctor or an Attorney?

If you’re in pain, the first thing you should do is get medical care. If you’ve had a motorcycle accident and you feel that you need to see a doctor. You feel you need to go to the hospital, by all means, do that immediately. When you’re done with that, then certainly get in contact with an attorney that can help you and help put your case together and help you get all the benefits that you’re entitled to under the law and ultimately help you get a settlement.  But step 1 should always be medical care.

Would Any Outstanding Traffic Citation Affect the Outcome of my Motorcycle Accident Case?

No, it doesn’t make a difference at all. As long as you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault and you’ve been hurt, if you have something out there that you feel is going to hurt you, call an attorney, talk with an attorney and they will advise you as to what to do.

Should I Respond to the Other Party’s Insurance Request to Make a Statement?

If the other side’s insurance company calls up and asks for a statement, alarm bells should go off in your head and you should wonder why do they need a recorded statement. There is a police report that tells exactly how the accident happened. They have the opportunity to talk to their own client, meaning the other party who caused the accident, so why do they need your recorded statement that you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

The only reason why they try to do that is because remember, they don’t work for you, they work for the other side, so they’re going to try to get you to say things that are not going to help your claim. So, the moment that they say, “Well, we need a recorded statement from you in order to process your claim”, the first thing you should do is say, “Thank you, but no thank you, I’m not going to give a recorded statement”, and you call your lawyer and let your lawyer know and let your lawyer deal with it.

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