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After a motorcycle accident, the first thing that you should do obviously is report the accident, stay at the scene of the incident and wait for the police to get there. Tell the police how the accident happened and take pictures of the vehicles involved in the incident, meaning your motorcycle as well as the other drivers.

Take pictures of the weather, take pictures of the skid marks, take pictures of everything you possibly can, the traffic lights, the scene of the incident, and if there are any witnesses, get their names, get their phone numbers, get their addresses, get insurance information from the other driver, take as many pictures and get as much information as you possibly can.

When you’re done with that and if you’re capable of doing that for sure, also get medical care immediately if you’re feeling pain, don’t wait. If the paramedics need to be called, have the paramedics called and if you need to go to the hospital, don’t be shy, go to the hospital. After that, get in touch with a lawyer and have a lawyer help you and continue on with your medical care.

What is the Most Difficult Aspect of Dealing with a Motorcycle Accident Case?

One of the hardest things to deal with in a motorcycle accident case is when a motorcycle accident occurs and something tragic occurs, meaning somebody passes away because of the accident, somebody dies or somebody is so severely hurt that they can’t walk again and the other driver has no insurance and the other driver has no assets. These are terrible situations to begin with and when somebody doesn’t have the ability to help deal with the expenses that occur, it just makes things that much worse. These are horrendous situations when they occur.

What are Some Examples of Injuries that You’ve Seen From Minor to the More Severe?

For motorcycle accidents, I have seen everything from sprained necks, sprained backs, broken ankles, broken toes, fractured knees, and even death. I have dealt with people who have become paraplegics, quadriplegics, people who have suffered severe injuries where they have had to have knee surgeries and shoulder surgeries, back surgeries, and neck surgeries.

I’ve seen people who have had to have plastic surgery on their face and plastic surgery on different body parts because of how much skin was scraped off. I have had people who have had memory loss due to the incident and brain problems and a whole host of different injuries that have occurred in motorcycle accidents. Most of them go from minor to very severe to very serious. Most of the times, they are very serious.

Have You Seen Any Traumatic Brain Injuries?

For motorcycle accidents, absolutely, we have seen traumatic brain injury cases and they are terrible cases. That’s why when you are riding a motorcycle, the most you can do to try to avoid a serious injury is not only to drive safely but certainly to wear a helmet because when these incidents occur. If you are wearing a helmet that is the best chance you have at not having a traumatic brain injury.

Can You Provide Examples of Some Cases that You’ve Handled?

There was a recent claim that I had which actually involved a moped and my client was charged with the accident, listed on the police report as having caused the accident. I talked with the witness and the witness told me that my client was at fault and that’s exactly how the accident happened. I went out to the scene of the accident, took a look at the accident report, and because of that, I was able to figure out that maybe things weren’t exactly as the police officer indicated, nor were they exactly as the independent witness indicated as well.

At this point, I had the other driver who said my client was at fault, I had an independent witness who said my client was at fault, and the police report said my client was at fault. Nonetheless, I had bills which were $146,000. They were reduced to $25,000 and we wound up settling the case for $75,000 and all the medical bills were paid and the client got money in her pocket. There have been other cases that I’ve handled with motorcycle accidents where the other side was at fault and we’ve gotten policy limits on numerous of those cases. So, each case is different.

Does the Type of Motorcycle Matter in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

There really is no difference between which kind of motorcycle somebody is riding as far as when an accident occurs. There’s no difference whatsoever. Accidents happen anytime, anyplace. As long as somebody is on the roads, there’s going to be an accident that happens. You’ve just got to be careful with whatever vehicle you’re driving, whether it’s a car or it’s a motorcycle, a moped or anything else.

Why do People Get Discouraged in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Sometimes people lose heart when they’re going through their claims. It is because they are in a lot of pain, they are not working, they are seeing doctors all the time and sometimes they just get very upset because they feel like their injuries are going to last forever, their pain is going to last forever but the pain and the problems will alleviate at some point. The most important thing when you’ve had a motorcycle accident is don’t lose faith. If you’ve had an accident, give us a call, the likelihood is pretty good we can help you.

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