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Some of the misconceptions that people have about bicycle accidents are that if you have an accident and you got hurt while you are on a bicycle, that automatically the accident was your fault and it’s not the other driver’s fault, which is entirely untrue.

What Are Some Unintentional Actions Which May Hinder Someone’s Bicycle Accident Claims?

One of the things that people can do unintentionally when they’ve had an accident is talk to the insurance company and give a recorded statement. Something seemingly as simple as that can really work against you and not be very helpful. They could take pictures, let’s say, or fail to take pictures or they could fail to talk to witnesses, or they could think, “I’m not really having pain, I’m not really having any problems right now, I think it will disappear and go away.”

They wait and wait even though they are in pain, they just take aspirin and say, “I had an accident and everything will be okay,” and they wait. The longer they wait, the more difficult it is to prove that somebody actually is suffering with a significant injury.

What Role Can Social Media Play in A Bicycle Accident Case?

Social media can be very hurtful to a case. A lot of times when somebody has an accident, they are significantly hurt and they may post something on social media showing them at a birthday party or going bowling or whatever and they talk about what a great time that they are having.

The problem with that is, even though they might have bowled one ball, and thrown it down the lane, you’re not going to post a picture on social media of you not bowling again, laying down unable to move for the next several hours because of that incident. You’re just going to show the one-time bowling and that ultimately can hurt you.

When the other side sees that on social media, which they will, they are going to say, “Why should we pay any money? This person had an accident and they went bowling” and they are not going to realize that, yes, you threw the ball down the lane or you barely tapped the ball down the lane or somebody helped you throw the ball down the lane and regardless of that, you were incapacitated for the next several days because of it.  So, it’s better not to post anything.

What Should I Do If the Other Party’s Insurance Asks Me for a Recorded Statement?

If the insurance company is calling and they want to take a statement, there is no reason to give them a statement. They can talk to their own insured, they can find out exactly how an accident happened.  They don’t need to bother you. The only reason why they are doing it is ultimately to try to get you to say things that are not going to be helpful towards your case and then, ultimately, issue a denial.  So, if they call you, the best thing to do: ignore the phone call and call your lawyer.

How Difficult is the Average Bicycle Accident Case?

There are no cases that are easy to win. They are all a pretty tough battle but we’ve been doing it for a long time and we continue to do it and we have very good success at it.

What Happens If I’m In an Accident With an Uninsured Person?

If you’ve had an accident and the other person doesn’t have insurance, unless they have assets that you can go after, it’s a problem, it’s a very large problem.

What If a Loved One Dies in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

In that case, we would file the claim, go against the driver, find out how much insurance coverage is available, get the policy from them and find out if there are any additional assets that the other party has.  If so, we’ll go after them for those assets as well and we won’t leave any stone unturned until we get as much as we possibly can for something as terrible as that when that happens.

Do People Get Emotionally Scarred that they Quit Riding Bicycles Altogether?

When people have accidents and they get hurt, I have seen people who basically say, “I never want to ride a bicycle again.” It does happen. The most we can do is help them to get better medically and also if they need psychiatric care, we try to help them get that as well.

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