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Clients, as a general rule, like to find out how much their case is worth right when an accident happens, but it’s literally impossible to tell right away. If you meet with an attorney and the attorney tells you how much your case is worth right when your accident occurs, you should run, because they are not telling you the truth. We don’t know how well you’re going to heal, we don’t know what your medical bills are going to be, we don’t know how long you’re going to miss time from work, and we don’t know if you’re going to be capable of returning to that kind of work or to any kind of work.

We don’t know if you’re going to need surgery and if you do need a surgery, we don’t know how well you will heal after the surgery and if you’re going to need another surgery as well. We don’t know if there are going to be complications for the medical procedures that you receive. We don’t know what the defense is going to say as far as how the accident occurred as well. There may be a witness who says that you’re partially at fault or you’re 100% at fault.  So, it’s impossible to know any of those answers right after an accident occurs.

Do Bicycle Accidents Commonly Result in Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Absolutely! Traumatic brain injury cases can happen with car accidents, they can happen with motorcycle accidents, they can happen with bicycle accidents and the best thing you could do to prevent traumatic brain injuries when you’re riding a bicycle is to wear a helmet and to follow the rules of the road. That’s the most important thing but injuries still do occur.

It is horrendous when it happens and we have to be sure to get the injured person to the right kind of doctors from psychologists to psychiatrists to neuro-psychiatrists to neurologists, pain management doctors, orthopedics, etc. There are a whole host of different medical providers that are there to try to help put humpty dumpty, so to speak, back together again.

Are There Any Particular Case Studies that You Can Provide Examples of?

We’ve handled lots of bicycle accident cases. I had a client who was riding a bicycle and they were charged with the accident. The insurance company did not want to make a fair and adequate settlement. We fought for quite some period of time and ultimately, they settled the claim and the client was exceptionally happy. All of her medical bills were paid and she got a whole bunch of money in her pocket.

Despite the fact that on the police report it listed her as the cause of the incident and there was even a witness that said that she was the cause of the incident and the other driver said she was the cause of the incident, we were still able to get a very large settlement for her and get all of her bills paid and get her money in her pocket as well.

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