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Whenever you are looking to hire an attorney, you should always look for an attorney who you get along well with, who answers you honestly and doesn’t give you the answers that you want to hear, but tells you the truth about how a case is evaluated. The right attorney helps you get what you need when you need it as quickly as possible and will answer all questions. The best thing to do when you meet with an attorney is trust your gut.  If your gut is telling you that you don’t like this person, don’t hire them.

If they are not able to give you an answer that makes sense and they don’t take the time to explain the answer to you, don’t sign up with them. You want to keep looking until you find an attorney that you are comfortable with, that knows how to handle these cases and if they know how to talk to you, they are going to know how to talk to the other side and that’s really what you are looking for.  Once you hire an attorney, you’re stuck with them for a while.

Could an Attorney Help Negotiate Down Medical Bills or Liens?

Part of our job when we handle a case is to get as much money as we possibly can from the insurance company. Second, we want to make sure we get you, the client, as much money as we possibly can in your pocket. The only way we can accomplish that is with a two-fold process; number one, getting as much money as we can from the insurance company and then, number two, negotiating your bills with the medical providers to get them to take as little as possible, which puts more money in your pocket.

What Are the Difficult Aspects of a Bicycle Accident Case for An Attorney To Deal With?

Some of the most difficult things to deal with in a bicycle accident case usually are the horrendous injuries that people suffer because somebody was used to being up and around and capable of taking care of themselves and now they are in chronic pain all the time. They are having difficulties functioning, they are having difficulties moving and they can’t afford to pay their bills. Usually it’s a scramble to try to get everything squared away as quickly as possible.

What Are the Initial Steps a Person Should Take After a Bicycle Accident?

Whenever a bicycle accident occurs, the first thing they should do is take pictures. Not only should they take pictures of their injuries, they should also take pictures of the position of the bicycle and the position of whatever is pertinent to the accident, such as weather conditions, skid marks, the damage to the other vehicle, the position of the vehicle, the position of the bicycle, and the license plate of the other driver. They should also take pictures of any stop signs or traffic lights. Any kind of safety equipment such as a cracked helmet or anything else like that should also be photographed. In addition, report the accident to the police and have them create a police report.

From there, the quicker they get medical care, the better. If somebody is in pain, go to the emergency room, and from there, chat with a lawyer to make sure that all your rights and remedies under the law are not compromised in any way.

Make sure that they get all the information that’s necessary and put it together in a cohesive format so that nothing gets lost, nothing gets destroyed, because they are going to be in the process of talking to witnesses and compiling a whole host of information that as time goes on, disappears, and, short of those two things, you’ll be on your road to recovery and put back together as quickly as possible.

Are Courts Biased Against Bicyclists in a Bicycle Accident Case?

People are not as familiar with bicycle riders as they are with car drivers.  So, I don’t know if there is an inherent prejudice against them but certainly, because they are not as familiar with it, it’s more difficult to explain it to other people.

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