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We work entirely on a contingency fee basis, which means that unless we get money, you don’t pay a dime. The amount that we charge is thirty three and a third percent of any recovery that we get plus costs. That’s pretty standard in the industry.

Are People Hesitant About Pursuing their Bicycle Accident Claim?

A lot of people probably are very hesitant about pursuing their claim because they are afraid. Let’s face it, most people really don’t like attorneys, don’t want to call attorneys, they are afraid of attorneys and some attorneys really don’t talk to their clients and attorneys and have a very bad reputation. We try our best to talk to clients. If they call us, we’re not available, we call them back. We answer any questions that they have and make sure that they are comfortable with the entire process, so there really is no reason to be hesitant in pursuing their claim.

What Does an Attorney Generally Ask a Client that Has been in a Bicycle Accident?

Some of the typical questions that we’ll ask are how the accident happened? What their injuries are? How are they feeling? If they’ve ever had any accidents before? If they’ve ever seen any doctors before? What kind of work they do? If they feel they are going to be capable of going back to work? What kind of insurance they have? If they have any pictures? If there were any witnesses that saw the incident happen? Those are typically some of the questions that are asked, but depending on the answers, there may be a host of other questions.

How Long Do Bicycle Accident Cases Typically Take to Resolve?

It really is dependent on how long it takes somebody to heal.  So, sometimes they can be done very, very quick in a matter of a few weeks and sometimes, they can take months and months and months and sometimes, they can take a year, a year and a half and sometimes even longer.  But the typical claim takes, generally, about six months to a year or so.

When Should I Seek Medical Attention After Being Involved in a Bicycle Accident?

If you’ve had a bicycle accident, the quicker you can see a doctor, the better. The faster that you receive your medical care, will show how severely hurt you are. In addition, it helps you feel better that much quicker and, in addition to that, the quicker that you see an attorney, the quicker that the evidence can be preserved.

What Sort of Bicycle Accidents Are Not Worth Pursuing?

All bicycle accidents are worth pursuing. You really can’t say that there are some accidents that are not worth pursuing versus others. It really depends.  As long as you’ve had a bicycle accident and you’ve been hurt, it’s worth pursuing.

Is it Helpful to Keep a Journal of Events Following A Bicycle Accident?

When somebody comes in to our office or we go out and see them if they can’t make it into our office, we hand them a notebook and inside that notebook, they are supposed to write down the dates, the times they go to the doctor, if there is anybody that calls them from their employer or anything pertinent towards the accident, then they are supposed to keep a journal of everything that happens. It is very important that it’s done and we encourage that. It actually helps bolster the value of a claim because there’s no way that four months from now, you can remember specifically how you felt on a certain date but if you have the notes, you’ll remember.

What Are the Top Concerns of Clients When They Meet With You After A Bicycle Accident?

Most people who have had bicycle accidents really just want to get to a doctor as quickly as they can and start feeling better. That’s probably the most important thing and certainly they are worried about how they are going to make their bills and if they are ever going to be able to work again and if they are ever going to feel better again. We help them with all those things, answer all the questions that they have and make sure that if they don’t have a doctor, we get them to a doctor as quickly as we can to assess exactly what’s wrong with them and to help them feel better as quickly as we can.

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