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The team at David M. Benenfeld have represented people who have had injuries known as soft tissue injuries where they have neck sprains, back sprains, people who have injured their hands, their legs, their knees, their wrists, their feet or their heads. We have had people with brain injuries; we have represented paraplegics, quadriplegics, and people (or their estates) who have died in an accident. We have represented people with different kinds of injuries.

We have represented people in all different kinds of cases, dram shop cases or where a bar serves alcohol to a patron and they crash their car because they were drunk because of the alcohol they were served. We have represented people with minor injuries to major injuries to horrendous injuries, from back surgeries to neck surgeries, knee surgeries, wrist surgeries, hand surgeries, to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, to neurological problems, eye problems, ear problems, pretty much almost everything that you can possibly imagine; we have represented them all.

What Are Some Questions That People Typically Ask You During The Initial Consultation?

One question we are asked is, “Can I go about and live my life normally while I go through this?” The answer to that is absolutely yes. Definitely try to continue with your life as normally as possible. Seek medical care and follow the instructions the doctor gives you; continue to work as long as you’re capable of working and a doctor allows you to work; and continue your normal daily activities as well as you can tolerate.

We are also asked, “Will it cost me anything if I hire you?” The answer is no, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we only get paid if we get a result for our client. We do not knock on anybody’s door and tell them that they owe us X number of dollars. If we get a recovery, then yes, we do get paid; short of that, we don’t get paid.

What if The Other Party’s Insurance Wants a Statement From Me and I Haven’t Hired An Attorney Yet?

The simple thing to do is tell the insurance company you’re not comfortable giving them a statement.  A statement is meant to be used against you and it will be. There is no reason why an insurance company needs to record anything you say. If they want basic information and they want to ask you a question, they can ask you a question. They don’t need to record it. The only reason they’re recording it is for their own purposes – not yours. They will use it against you in the future, so I would tell you don’t do it.

If An Auto-Accident Does Not Seem To Be My Fault, Will It Be Easy For Me To Get Compensated?

I wish I could tell you that it’s easy to get money from an insurance company, but it’s not. Insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying clients. Think about it, they are in business to make a profit, not to pay claims. The more profit they make, the happier their shareholders are–those people who hold stock in the company and positions on the board.

Although they are supposed to act in good faith and resolve claims as quickly as they can and for fair amounts of money, often it is a struggle to resolve claims on a fair and equitable basis. The reality is that if insurance companies did everything they were supposed to do, and treated everybody fairly by paying claims the way they were supposed to, then people would not need lawyers.

Is Employment A Concern For The Injured Party In An Auto-Accident?

Unfortunately, this happens all the time when an injured party gets hurt in an accident or misses time from work or cannot ever return to their employment again. That’s what we are here for — to help get you compensated for the injuries that have altered your life, including your ability to remain employed.

What Happens If There Is A Death As Result Of An Auto-Accident?

When someone dies as a result of an accident it is known as a wrongful death claim. In the terrible event of a wrongful death claim, an estate must be set up so that we can represent the estate through its representative. We have handled many wrongful death claims.

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