We recently added a frequently asked question (FAQ) to our library about the kinds of incidences that lead to workers’ comp. claims.
A: Workers’ compensation includes a broad range of injuries and a broad range of work-related accidents that lead to claims. When someone gets hurt while working, that person is entitiled to a workers’ comp. claim. Injuries and claims may result from something as simple as typing all day (often leading to carpal tunnel syndrome), tripping & falling on the job, trying to sit in chair that rolls out from under you, or picking something up & sustaining a back injury or another type of strain injury.

As a workers’ compensation attorney, I can help you get checks from the insurance company, get to the right medical providers, and help you obtain a lump sum in your case. If you have more questions concerning on-the-job accidents, feel free to contact me with concerns unique to your situation. I will gladly answer your questions for free at no obligation to you.