Aging often comes with difficult decisions and extra responsibility placed on loved ones. Finding high quality nursing home care is especially important, and recognizing cases of nursing home Abuse in Pompano Beach is crucial. Use these signs to help you determine the quality of care that your loved one is receiving:


  • rapid weight loss
  • bruises, scratched, or burns that cannot be explained
  • over medication, which often presents with a vacant stare, extreme drowsiness, or drooling
  • confusion, depression, or extreme fear
  • bed sores
  • poor hygiene

All of these signs indicate that your loved one may not be receiving the care that they are entitled to. With a high percentage of nursing homes receiving violations for the care they give, it is not hard to believe that many of those infractions have harmed the patients in those facilities. In cases such as these, you need a lawyer who will get the abuse stopped and obtain compensation for suffering.

If you suspect that your loved one has been a victim of Pompano Beach nursing home abuse, contact the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A. Our dedicated team of legal professionals is committed to making sure that victims receive the compensation that they are entitled to. With years of experience with abuse cases, you can rest assured that you’re being represented in the best manner. Contact us today for a consultation regarding your case.