Each year many workers get injured on-the-job in Florida as a result of exposure to toxic fumes. The sad fact is that most of these injuries that involve deadly chemicals are preventable and are caused because employers failed to keep their workers safe. When an employee is exposed to toxic chemicals, serious life-long injuries can occur which may result in a mental disability or a permanent physical disability.

If an industrial and construction work accident has left you with a life-altering disability, you and your family may have rights to pursue financial compensation. There are different avenues to consider, and depending upon the nature of the injury and if the company is liable for the injuries or not, will determine what type of claim you may have.

The three most common claims injured workers and their families pursue include:

  1. Florida workers’ compensation claim: this claim is brought against your employer under the Florida workers’ comp system for benefits due to injuries you suffered from the chemical exposure.
  2. Gross negligence claim: this claim is brought against your employer for their negligence, and holds them responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, and future medical bills and lost wages.
  3. Wrongful death claim: this claim is pursued by the decedent’s family against the negligent employer for non-economic and economic damages.

When chemicals such as pesticides, asbestos, lead, and other toxic fumes are inhaled, they can cause permanent brain damage, lung damage, skin damage, cancer, death and other chronic health conditions.