Unassuming residents don’t realize that a bicycle accident may warrant as serious of a response from insurance companies, as do typical auto accidents, until an innocent life is stolen – especially that of a child. Just a few months ago, parents won a $12 million verdict against their South Florida condo association. The legal team was able to uncover astounding evidence which revealed that the property management company had continuously refused to follow specific safety regulations, which were determined to have actually led to the death of their 9-year-old son.

When father Andre Kovacs decided to go on a bike ride with his young son Andrew Curtis, he didn’t expect the quick activity to lead to an eternity of loss for their family. While the boy was hit by another condo resident, and all parties appeared to agree that the defendant was guilty, the parents and his legal team interpreted the scene of the accident quite differently. The condo named Villas on the Green in Jupiter, Florida, owned by Palm Beach’s M.M.I., was proven responsible for failure to follow traffic regulations such as installing stop signs at appropriate heights and maintaining safe hedge heights.  It was determined that the managements negligence to adhere to legal traffic codes led to the fatal bicycle accident. The jury ultimately assigned 60% of the blame to the management company, 30% to the condo association, and 10% to the other driver. Collectively, the parents of Andrew Curtis were awarded $12 million in damages.

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