As an auto accident lawyer in the state of Florida, representing clients in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties, David Benenfeld goes out of his way to keep nearby Florida residents informed about new traffic laws in the state. Although you may not realize it, failing to move out of the way when another vehicle is pulled over by a police officer is illegal. According to the Palm Beach Post, troopers from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) have decided to “crack down” on this law. A new campaign is intended to educate the public on the safety concerns related to the law and inform drivers of the potentially fatal consequences of refusing to move out of the way.

Under Florida law, drivers approaching emergency vehicles must slow down to approximately 20 miles per hour less than the speed limit and move out of the lane that is closest to the emergency vehicle. If the law is violated, drivers may be fined up to $120 and receive as many as three points on their driver’s licenses.