Workers’ Compensation Claims In Broward County

Question: I was injured in Broward County at my job.  What do I need to do to file a worker’s compensation claim?

Answer: Florida employers are required to have worker’s compensation insurance.  With worker’s compensation insurance, an employee can file a claim if the injury happened at their workplace no matter how the injury occurred.

A Broward County worker’s compensation claim covers part of your lost wages and other expenses.  No matter how your accident occurred, you should be covered under your employer’s workers’ comp. insurance as long as you were injured while performing work-related tasks.

Once you are diagnosed with an injury, condition or illness related to your job, you need to report it to your employer. Your employer then has one week to report the accident and injury to their insurance company.

If your employer does not report the incident, you may need to consult with an experienced Broward County workers’ compensation attorney to help you get the benefits you are entitled to under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Laws.

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