Why Would My Broward County Insurance Agent Try To Convince Me To Purchase Uninsured Motorist Coverage If Everyone In The State Of FL Is Required To Carry Insurance Anyhow?

Florida ranks as one of the highest states flooded with uninsured drivers. Just because the FDHSMV requires every driver to be insured, doesn’t equate to every citizen adherence to the law. FL only requires motorists to carry PIP and PD liability, which translates to $10,000 coverage for personal injury not dependent on whose fault was found, and $10,000 compensation for property damage done to your vehicle if the other driver was found at fault. However, if the other driver is uninsured and is found to be at fault for causing your personal injury, then you will not receive compensation for those injuries caused by the other driver if you do not have uninsured coverage.

Uninsured motorist coverage provides compensation for medical costs and pain and suffering. Essentially, this will be recorded as a claim against your insurance for the wrong done against you by another driver who persisted in driving without insurance.

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