Why Video Footage Is Critical To A South Florida Slip And Fall Claim

When a dangerous condition or object on the ground caused your fall, there might not be anyone around who witnessed your Florida slip and fall accident or saw the cause of the fall. As you may imagine, evidence and proof is critical in establishing a strong premises liability case in Florida. So, what can you do now if no one else was around to see what happened?

The best thing to do is to take pictures of the accident scene—capturing the hazard up-close and from far away to show the full scene—and report the incident to the store manager. Take down the time, date, and who you spoke with. Additionally, it is best to seek medical care immediately. You may not realize it right away due to the adrenaline, but you may have a knee injury, fractured leg or arm, back injury, neck injury, or even head trauma.

Because medical bills can add up quickly and the injury was no fault of your own, you need to seek legal advice from a skilled South Florida slip and fall lawyer. An attorney who has represented victims of slips and falls will know how to investigate in order to establish a strong case. For example, there may have been a video camera that captured your slip and fall accident.

The Importance of Video Footage as Evidence

If the store your fall occurred at has video cameras, there could be video surveillance of your fall that may prove the store’s liability. Because a grocery store, retail store, or other commercial business is not going to hand the video tape over to you, it is critical that you have an attorney on your side.

A Florida slip and fall accident attorney can make sure that the evidence doesn’t disappear and that the video footage is preserved. An attorney can do this by sending the store a specific letter that instructs them to keep all the videos from the entire day of your accident.

Video surveillance can play an important role in establishing fault, as it can show the following:

  • If the hazard was a reoccurring problem
  • How long the hazard was there
  • If anyone else reported the hazard
  • If a store employee walked by the hazard without cleaning it up or putting up caution signs to warn others of the danger

Because time is of the essence in these types of cases, you need to contact an experienced Broward County slip and fall lawyer immediately so that the video evidence in your case is not destroyed. By reviewing the video footage, a skilled lawyer can determine if the dangerous condition was, in fact, negligence.

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