Why Is It That Every Store Aisle Must Place “WET FLOOR” Signs To Obstruct Shoppers From Walking? I Understand They Are Trying To Warn Consumers, But It Is Highly Annoying!

Like it or not, many store owners view these nuisance causing signs as a necessary evil to protect themselves against slip and fall lawsuits in Broward County. Property owners are often liable for slip and fall accidents, especially when the floor surface is wet and they fail to warn consumers or residents. Whether recently mopped for daily cleaning, or soaked from a broken jar of salad dressing, citizens are complaining that these WET FLOOR hazard signs are actually causing more trip and fall accidents than the floor itself.

Legally speaking, whether a person trips and falls over the sign is immaterial. The store owner has a legal responsibility to warn consumers of the fall hazard. It is important to mention however, that many times these signs are left out far longer than necessary and management would be wise to remove in due time.

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