Why Can’t Florida NFL Players File Workers’ Comp Claims If They Are Injured In Another State?

After a published report that the Orlando Jaguars were taking advantage of California’s liberal workers’ comp legislation, Florida legislators decided they needed to make some changes. Since only five of the Raven’s 224 games were played in CA, and 95% of the claims were submitted there, it became obvious that FL players were seizing the opportunity to benefit from California’s liberal worker’s comp system over that of their team’s home state of Florida. Since Governor Scott signed the bill, pro athletes are no longer provided with the advantage of getting hurt in the Golden State of California.

As it presently stands, HB 723 prevents professional athletes, as well as any FL employee, to file a claim in an outside state, even when they were injured in that state. The law now states that if employees are in an outside state for less than 10 consecutive days or 25 collective days within 12 months, they must file their claim in Florida. FL employees who suffer from work-related injuries may still be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits! It is important to talk with an experienced South Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney.

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