Why Are Restaurant Slip And Fall Accidents So Serious?

Broward County restaurant kitchen floors are very slippery.  Since fall accidents are the second leading cause of death, the restaurant scenario lends itself to the perfect scene of an accident. Serious injuries result from restaurant slip and fall accidents in Florida. People don’t realize that secondary injuries also result within restaurants. For example, when someone falls within a restaurant, that person may incur burns and cuts. If someone slips while holding a sharp knife or becomes cut by a glass shards, then multiple injuries often result.

The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) reported over one million slip and fall injuries occurred within restaurants this past year, and over three million food service employees suffered injuries on the job. The study also reported that slip and fall accidents within restaurants have increased over 10% within the past year.

Restaurant owners struggle to maintain a deeply cleaned restaurant floor surface, which is admittedly part of the problem. If a customer or employee is injured from a slip and fall accident within a store, then the store owner is responsible for damages. If the property is rented or leased by another entity, then the third party is likely liable as well.

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