Why Are More Parents Getting Arrested For DUI’s With Their Kids In The Car?

You may be referring to the headliner about the intoxicated Florida parent driving twice the speed limit with three small children in the backseat. Legal findings do reveal that more parents with children in the car are being charged for driving drunk, than ever before. Parents who drink and drive with kids and teens in the car are targets for child endangerment charges, as well as criminal child abuse.

Countless divorced parents are even losing custody of their children for their DUI’s. Why the increase? Studies show that more working parents stop for a drink with co-workers before picking up their kids from daycare. Others are sharing a drink with neighbors before taking the next leg of soccer carpool. While the cause of the increase in Florida auto accidents related to parents driving drunk with their kids in the car, is not yet identified, multiple factors play a part. In any case, parents would be wise to unwind after kids are tucked in bed. Nobody is suggesting these parents drive drunk alone, however this is an act that should be more actively shunned than accepted.

If you are concerned about parents who drive under the influence while their children are with them, contact the Offices of David M. Benenfeld for more information.