Who Should Be Held Responsible For Your Florida Slip And Fall Accident?

A: In premises liability cases in Florida, establishing fault in slip and fall accidents can be difficult depending upon the specific situation. Sometimes establishing who should be held responsible is not a simple process.

If your Florida slip and fall accident occurred at a restaurant, grocery store, business office, or apartment complex, the property owner may be held liable for your accident and injuries if you can prove that:

  1. The property owner was responsible for the dangerous condition, such as slippery floors that led to the slip and fall accident
  2. The property owner knew about the danger or should have known about the hazard because a “reasonable” person would have been able to locate the danger and attempt to correct it or warn others.
  3. The property owner knew about the unsafe condition, but did not try to correct the danger or post warning signs.

In a Florida premises liability case, you need to prove that the property owner’s negligence caused your accident and injury.For help proving liability in your Florida slip and fall accident, call Fort Lauderdale slip and fall attorney David Benenfeld at [number type=”2″] or [number type=”1″] for a free consultation.