Who Is Liable For Multiple Car Pile-Up Accidents In Florida?

This is a great question, especially because multiple car crashes or pile-ups aren’t always one person’s fault. In the recent pile-up accident caused by the SUV driver at a nearby St. Petersburg elementary school, it appears that one person was clearly at fault and liable. Still, frequently more than one driver is responsible for a pile-up, and it can be difficult to prove.

For example, if weather conditions cause roads to become slick, several different drivers may partake in various driving behaviors which are not prudent. One may be on the phone, the other driving too fast for rainy conditions, and another tailgating. This scenario is literally waiting for a disaster to occur.

News headlines have carried pile-ups ranging from 3-100 cars. As you can imagine, pile-ups quickly become about fine tuning the art of the blame game. To prove that another driver’s negligence caused the pile-up may entail uncovering that more than one driver, if not all, were partly liable. In this case, the laws of comparative and contributory negligence are applied to distribute liability. Put more simply, each person that is found to be responsible for the pile-up will pay their own fair share of the damage.

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