Who Can I Sue After A Cold Weather Slip And Fall Accident?

A: When considering if you have a premises liability lawsuit, remember that most people slip and fall over their own feet during some time in their life. Consider this fact before pursuing a lawsuit because a property owner will not always be responsible for everyone’s slip and fall injury. We all have a duty to watch where we are going; however, with that said, property owners have a duty of care to maintain their property.

If your South Florida slip and fall was caused by the negligence of the property owner, then your fall can be grounds for a slip and fall claim. For example, if a man fell on an icy sidewalk in an apartment building, he could bring a lawsuit against the apartment building’s owner, the management company, the apartment’s snow removal contractor and sometimes the city, depending where the injury occurred.

Remember, apartment complexes have a duty of care to maintain the property so that their residents and their guests are free from danger when walking on the property.

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a winter weather slip and fall accident in Florida, you may be entitled to damages.  Find out more about your potential case from an experienced Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyer. You can contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at [number type=”2″] or [number type=”1″] and receive a free legal consultation to find out more about pursuing a premises liability lawsuit in Florida today.