While I Was Stopped At A Stop Sign, A Car Rear Ended Me. I Was Thrown Against The Steering Wheel And Broke My Jaw And Had Multiple Lacerations. This Incident Has Caused Me Extreme Stress, And I Can Hardly Sleep At Night. How Do I Start The Process To File A Claim From This South Florida Auto Accident?

A: The South Florida auto accident you describe is serious.  Not only were you injured, but if sounds as if you are also suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Any time people are in car accidents their injuries are not necessarily limited to just physical injuries.  There may have been a loss of life or even severe injuries to yourself or others that have caused emotional distress.

Because you were severely injured and required medical help and are having emotional distress, it would be wise to seek the advice of an experienced South Florida personal injury attorney.

More than likely you will be out of work for a while, which will set you back financially.  When filing a claim, your attorney will seek damages for medical expenses, hospitalization, loss of wages and anything pertaining to your case.

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