What Will Happen To Someone Who Causes Multiple Accidents In The State Of Florida?

A: Effective January 1, 2010, a new state law signed by Gov. Charlie Crist places some restrictions on Florida’s most accident-prone drivers. Designed to make Florida roadways a safer place, the law forces those who have been convicted of three car accident-related violations within three years to take a “behind-the-wheel” driving education course and pass the final driving test. The tallying of crash violations won’t begin until January, but we encourage drivers who have caused multiple accidents already to participate in driving courses voluntarily as a safety measure. Although drivers who do not cause an accident in 2010 will not be required to take the course, no matter how many accidents they caused within the previous three years, those who caused two or more accidents since 2008 will be required to take the course if they cause an accident in 2010.


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