What Types Of Injuries Do Warehouse Workers Typically Suffer On The Job?

Employees in warehouse and factory environments are at risk for suffering many types of injuries due to their job requirements that may include manual lifting, forklift operation, and repetitive motions. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for warehouse and factory workers to suffer from injuries on the job.

Some of the types of injuries workers in warehouses and factories suffer from include:

  • Broken bones caused from slip and fall accidents
  • Back injuries, such as herniated disc injuries, caused from lifting heavy items, twisting, or items falling from overhead
  • Knee injuries, such an ACL tear and other torn ligaments, caused from lifting or falling
  • Neck injuries caused from materials falling from overhead
  • Repetitive trauma injuries, such as carpel tunnel and shoulder injuries like rotator cuff injuries, caused from repetitive motions
  • Burn injuries caused by electrical burns or fires

When shelves collapse, an explosion occurs, items fall from overhead, clothing or hands get caught in machinery, or a forklift accident takes place, warehouse and factory workers can suffer serious injuries that can cause them severe pain and limited mobility. When this occurs, it is nearly impossible for injured employees to return to their jobs.

Sometimes, an injured worker needs surgery, physical therapy, and rest before coming back to work. However, some injured employees suffer such catastrophic injuries on the job in Florida that they may never be able to perform the same type of work again.

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