What Types Of Costs Are Reimbursed In The State Of Florida For Worker’s Compensation?

First, you will need to see the doctor approved by your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier. Do not see your personal doctor, you will not be reimbursed.

Next, every injured employee needs to understand what costs are eligible for compensation. Your benefits will be classified into two categories: medical and lost wages. Below is a list of costs that are eligible for compensation.

Medical Benefits

  1. Doctor visits
  2. Hospitalization
  3. Physical therapy
  4. Medical tests
  5. Prescription drugs
  6. Prostheses
  7. Mileage reimbursement for treatment

Lost Wages Benefits

  • Temporary Total Disability-If a doctor says you cannot work based on your injury, you may receive 66% of your normal wages. Severe injuries may receive up to 80%.
  • Temporary Partial Disability-If a doctor says you can only return to part of your work duties then you may receive 80% of earned wages at the time of the accident.

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