What Should I Know About Pursuing A Slip And Fall Lawsuit Involving An Ankle Injury?

It is important that you know that even if you suffered a minor ankle fracture or a severe ankle injury, property owners have a duty to you. Their job was to keep their premises safe and free from hazards. If they failed to do so, they can be held responsible for the injuries you suffered in a Florida slip and fall accident on their property.

Unfortunately, these types of claims can be difficult to pursue because property owners don’t just want to pay anyone who falls on their property. This is why slip and fall claims gets turned over to insurance companies, where insurance adjusters will attempt to settle claims for as little money as possible.

The site and severity of your ankle injury will determine the amount of compensation you should receive in your case. For example, if you needed plates, rods, wires, or screws to stabilize your broken ankle, or if your broken bone punctured your skin and caused an infection, your ankle injury case should be worth more money. However, the insurance company is going to want you to believe that your ankle injury claim is a minor injury.

It is important that you know that there is more to evaluating a slip and fall injury claim and that your claim may be worth a lot more than the insurance company is letting on. For example, what was the type of injury you sustained? Do you need ongoing medical care? Did you suffer any permanent injuries or limitations? Did you lose income as a result of the injury? All of these factors need to be considered when evaluating your claim.

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