What Should I Do If I Hurt Myself In A Florida Slip And Fall Accident?

Common slip and fall accidents include falls due to slippery surfaces, broken steps, uneven flooring, sidewalk cracks, elevator and escalator hazards, and open manholes. When people slip and fall on another person’s property, either personal or commercial, then they are entitled to proper compensation.

Slip and fall accidents may cause severe injuries. Broward County residents are likely to develop multiple complications including paralysis, numbness, ruptured disc, nerve compression, poor muscle control, or fractured vertebrae.

If you slip and fall, it is vital that you do these things first:

  1. Don’t blame yourself: Be careful not admit that you are clumsy or blame yourself for slipping or falling.
  2. Do not sign a statement offered by property owner: Take your time to evaluate the situation before you go on record with the property owner.
  3. Take pictures: Immediately take out your phone to snap pictures in order to show proof of the accident scene before anything is cleaned up or rearranged.
  4. Get help: Get expert advice from a skilled South Florida slip and fall injury attorney who can help you get the necessary compensation you deserve.

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