What Recourse Does A Victim Of A Florida Rollover Accident Have?

Question: I see so many rollover accidents on the Florida highways. Do victims of rollover accidents have any recourse against the make of the vehicle or is it usually the driver’s own fault?

Answer: Rollover accidents boil down to a saying. “Everyone wants to point the finger but no one wants to take the blame.” It’s no secret that drivers are often at fault when it comes to car accidents. But sometimes it’s the manufacturer that has shown negligence by putting out vehicles that have product defects. In many instances, the manufacturers may, in fact, be aware of a safety measure that they are advised to install, but refuse in order to make a profit.

In that case, if someone ever becomes injured in a rollover accident, the victim should consult an expert rollover accident attorney immediately. Manufacturers can be held liable for product liability. Victims of rollover accidents in Florida are entitled to receive compensation for punitive damages, medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Floridians injured from rollover accidents don’t realize that they are eligible for compensation. If you have sustained a rollover accident injury, you are more than likely eligible for financial recovery from your damages and losses. Contact our offices today for a free case evaluation.