What Not to Do After Your Slip and Fall?

After you’ve had a slip-and-fall accident, you should never give any kind of tape-recorded or written statements to anyone. Certainly, you can document how an accident happened, but as far as giving any kind of written or tape-recorded statements, you absolutely should not.

The second thing you should not do is not go and see a doctor. A lot of times after somebody has a slip-and-fall accident, they say to themselves, “Listen, I have some back pain, but I’ll be okay,” so they wait and they take aspirin and they use a heating pad and they wait and wait and wait and then a month or two months later, they say, “It’s not getting any better. Now, I’m going to go see the doctor.”

At that point, it makes it very difficult for the insurance company to actually take note that right after the accident, you were suffering with a lot of pain because you never saw the doctor. Waiting to get medical care is not helpful at all. After you’ve had an accident, it’s also very important to see an attorney immediately so that evidence can be preserved.

For example, maybe you’ve had a slip and fall on a raised sidewalk and you decide that you’re not going to go and get any medical care or anything else or you decide that you took a picture and you think “that picture is okay!” Later on you want to pursue the claim. Well, maybe you didn’t take the right kind of picture, maybe you didn’t do it the way it how it should be done where there are measurements taken with rulers. Maybe the attorney would have hired an engineer to go out there and take a look at certain things.

It can’t be done now because you told the city that you had a slip and fall, for example, and the city went out and fixed the sidewalk. Before you do anything, the most important thing is, one: get medical care; two: don’t give written or recorded statements to anyone and three: immediately seek legal counsel.

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