What Not To Do After A Broward County Slip And Fall Accident.

Question: I was walking up the entrance of an apartment building.  There was a pothole in the driveway and I slipped and fell.  I am reporting this to the property manager.  What else should I do?

Answer: It is important that you contact a Broward County slip and fall attorney to learn what your rights are following a slip and fall accident.

Be careful about making any type of statement to the property manager, landlord or insurance adjuster such as, “I am so clumsy”. “ I’m always tripping and falling”.  “It was probably my fault”.  Comments like that can hurt your slip and fall claim, even it was a legitimate claim.

If the landowner has insurance, a claims adjuster will probably call you to take a statement over the phone. Before providing a statement to an adjuster or a statement to the land owner, you should speak with a Broward County slip and fall lawyer to discuss your situation and what you may be entitled to.

Be cautious about signing any statement from the property owner or property management company regarding the incident.  If you do provide a statement, get a copy for your records and give it to your attorney if you seek representation.

To discuss your slip and fall accident, contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld to see what your rights are and if you have a case.