What Leads To A Florida Slip And Fall Accident?

Question: I have had different instances where I have had a slip and fall accident in Florida.  Sometimes it was just embarrassing and other times I was injured.  What type of things can cause a slip and fall accident?  How would I be compensated for an injury?

Answer: A Florida slip and fall accident can occur anywhere and at anytime.  In many instances it is caused from a liquid spill, water, uneven ground, potholes in the pavement in parking lots, broken or torn flooring, or holes hidden in a grassy area.

If the slip and fall accident happens in a store, building, or public area, and a serious injury happens, you may be eligible for compensation.

Building owners, where a slip and fall accident occurs, are responsible for the upkeep of their premises.  If there are hazards lurking and an accident occurs as a result, you should seek the assistance of a South Florida slip and fall lawyer.

A South Florida slip and fall attorney can research the accident and determine how much compensation you may be entitled to.  There may be lost wages, medical bills and other compensation you can receive as a result of the accident.

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