What Is The Most Important Thing I Should Do After I’ve Been In A Car Accident?

The list below describes what you should NEVER do minutes after the accident. But FIRST comes your safety. Frequently, individuals involved in car accidents are quick to assess damages to their vehicles. Be cautious not to move quickly, understanding that often injuries are not realized until days following the accident.

Never Do This After a Broward County Car Accident:

1.    Never leave the scene: Leaving will likely involve getting arrested.
2.    Never forget to call 911: Get a police report even if you don’t see injuries.
3.    Never overreact: Blaming you or the other guy will only hurt your case.
4.    Never forget to document: Another reason you should get a police report.
5.    Never handle it alone: Get expert medical and legal advice for proper compensation.

After you seek medical care, speaking with an experienced attorney should be your next step. Contact our offices to see how we can help you get  the compensation you deserve.