What Is The First Thing I Should Do If I’m In A Car Accident?

  1. Breathe: Take the time to pull over to a safe location and catch your breath before making any other decisions.
  2. Stay Put: You will be tempted to get out, check out the damage, and talk to the other driver. Don’t, especially if you are on a busy highway or intersection.
  3. Call 911: The dispatcher will collect your information including: location, injuries, description of accident, and your name and number.
  4. Gather Info: Collect as much data about the other driver as possible. Record name, address, several phone numbers, insurance company and policy number, license plate, make, model, and year of car.
  5. Get Medical Care: If you are injured, alert the police of suspected injury.
  6. Call Your Insurance: Submit all info and police report.
  7. Seek Professional Legal Help: Following a South Florida auto accident, it is vital to contact a skilled attorney who understands your various needs and who can help you avoid critical mistakes to make sure you receive the most financial compensation possible.

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