What Happens If Someone Becomes Injured As The Result Of Taking Sleeping Pills?

Sleep promoting drugs may have lingering effects that last long throughout a person’s waking hours. Sleeping pills have been found to have serious side effects including: sleeping pill addiction, sleep related eating, sleep walking, and hallucinations while walking, cooking, or driving. For example, the common pharmaceutical drug Ambien is in actuality a powerful hypnotic drug, which has been linked to numerous slip and fall accidents. What’s so alarming about these Ambien-related accidents is that the users typically have absolutely no memory of their behaviors during their waking state. Reports of individuals finding themselves in jail or in a car wreck with no memory of how they arrived there are concerning, to say the least. Individuals who believe they have been injured under the use of Ambien should consult with a qualified Broward County Personal Injury Attorney. Victims of Ambien-related accidents and injuries may be entitled to compensation for their medical expenses and personal loss.

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