What Can I Expect From The Other Driver’s Claims Adjuster?

Claims adjusters do not work for auto accident victims. They are specifically trained by their employer to offer as little money possible. Insurance companies coach the adjusters to deny or reduce claims for the following typical reasons.

  • The other driver is not liable for your injuries because they did not show negligence. Adjusters often try to negate claims right away by disproving the obvious.
  • The adjuster will not only try to convince you that the other driver was not at fault, but now say that it was in fact your own fault. Hence, they owe you nothing.
  • The third most common reason for denial of settlement is to say that both parties are responsible for the accident, and the claim is a wash.
  • An adjuster may also try to convince you that the damage to the vehicle was not significant, barring any worthy compensation.
  • Insurance companies immediately try to disprove that the victim was caused any injury from the accident itself.

If you have been involved in an accident you may need to speak with an adjuster. We can offer legal advice so you know your rights and what you are entitled to. Don’t let them confuse you with terms. Contact the Office of David Benenfeld today for how you should handle a claims adjuster’s questions.