What can I do to get involved in road safety week and help save more kids from traffic fatalities?

Global Road Safety Week highlights saving kids lives during the week of May 4 – 10, 2015; however, prioritizing roadway safety for children is important each and every day of the week. But because much attention is placed on reducing roadway deaths involving children during this week, it is a good starting point to get involved.

You can get involved in increasing child road safety by doing the following things:

  • Sign the child declaration for the campaign #SaveKidsLives
  • Spread the word on Facebook or other social media sites
  • Identify potential school zone concerns or roads that need crosswalks, more signage or speed bumps to slow the traffic
  • Get others involved in petitioning city and roadway officials to make these road improvements
  • Always slow down in school zones when driving
  • Ensure children riding in your vehicle are always buckled in and in the correct safety seat
  • Constantly scan the road for pedestrians, remembering child pedestrians are sometimes hard to see due to their small size

When we all do these aforementioned things, we can help reduce the number of child traffic fatalities in Florida and nationwide.

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