What Can Cause A Staircase Fall Accident To Occur?

A: When someone falls down a flight of stairs, many things could have contributed to their fall. Sometimes falls are the result of someone’s own clumsiness or loss of balance; however, other falls are the direct result of poor maintenance of the staircase.

Common causes of Florida staircase falls include:

  • Loose railings or missing handrails
  • Objects or debris left on staircase
  • Wet, slippery substances on stairs
  • Broken stair
  • Poorly lit staircase

Many staircase falls could have been prevented with proper maintenance of the staircase and building. When a property owner does not attempt to repair dangerous conditions that could lead to slip and fall or trip and fall accident, then the owner may be held responsible for injuries that result from the fall.

The safety of staircases can be improved with proper lighting, a non-slip surface or runner for traction, handrails checked for adequate support, and debris or wet spills cleaned up immediately.


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