What Are Some Of The Driving Dangers I Should Talk With My Teenager About To Keep Him Safe This Summer?

It is a sad reality, but the shocking truth is that teenagers are more likely to get in car accidents over the summer. Not only could they suffer serious injuries, but they are more likely to die or kill someone else. The reason? Teens drive more miles in the summer and have more freedom and less supervision.

In order to help keep your son safe this summer and free from being in a Fort Lauderdale car crash, you should have a discussion with your son about the following things:

  • Cellphone dangers. Teens are more likely to text and drive, talk on their cellphones, or check emails, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram while at the wheel of a moving motor vehicle. Remind your son to pull over to use his cellphone, and that nothing could be more important than keeping himself, his passengers, and others sharing the road with him safe.
  • Passenger dangers. Teen drivers are more likely to get distracted from their young passengers. In fact, fatal teenage crashes increased five times when two or more teen passengers were in the car. For this reason, it is best to remind your son not to transport other young passengers.
  • Eating dangers or other distracted driving dangers. Teens are constantly hungry. They may run through a drive-thru and want to eat and drink while driving. However, they need to understand that food can be a distraction because if they spill, they may cause a crash.
  • Nigh time dangers. Teens shouldn’t be allowed to drive after dark or after 9 p.m. because the risk of being in a fatal wreck increases. Set a curfew for your son to help him stay safe.

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