There Have Been Many Car And Pedestrian Accidents In Parking Lots During The Holiday Shopping Season. How Can Pedestrians Reduce Their Chance Of Being Hit?

Whether you need to go to the mall, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy, or any other store during the holiday shopping season, you will notice how many cars and pedestrians are moving around parking lots. Vehicles are constantly pulling in and out of parking spaces, and pedestrians are walking to and from stores. As a result of so much going on, parking lots are often chaotic and the place where many accidents take place.

Because drivers are often distracted with the thought of getting the best parking space, they aren’t always paying the closest attention to pedestrians. For this reason, pedestrians need to do their part to decrease their chances of being hit by cars this holiday season.

Some tips include:

  • Always be scanning the parking lot for moving vehicles, such as those pulling in and out of parking spots and vehicles driving down aisles.
  • Don’t pull out your cell phone until you reach the inside of a store. By talking or texting and walking, you can miss a vehicle pulling out of a parking space or into the parking lot.
  • Don’t be in such a hurry. By taking your time walking through a parking lot, you can help decrease your chances of being in a crash.
  • Don’t walk behind vehicles if there is a walkway that is available to walk on.
  • Use walkways and cross walks whenever possible.
  • Be visible when leaving the mall after dark. By wearing bright, reflective colors or using a flashlight, drivers of cars will have a better chance of seeing you.

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