The Doctor Said I Have A Cervical Spine Injury. Is That Covered By Florida Workers’ Compensation?

A cervical spine injury is a term doctors use when referring to neck injuries. There are many different types of neck injuries that can range from minor injuries to disabling injuries. If you have suffered pain or any type of issue with your neck that prevents you from doing your job or seriously limits your ability to work, you should receive Florida workers’ compensation benefits.

If you suffered a neck injury on the job, you most likely were injured in a one-time accident or you may have suffered long term wear and tear as a result of repetitive stress motions. In either case, Florida workers’ compensation benefits should cover the injuries you suffered on the job.

When neck injuries occur, workers often suffer injuries to nearby body parts such as their heads, shoulders, backs and spinal cords. If you have suffered a neck injury at work, it is very important to make sure your doctor examines you thoroughly to make sure you also aren’t suffering from any of these injuries:

  • pinched nerve
  • herniated disc injury
  • severe muscle strain
  • discogenic back pain
  • spinal cord injury

Depending on your specific diagnosis will determine how much compensation you will receive. To find out how much your claim is worth or what compensation you are entitled to, contact a skilled Fort Lauderdale workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of David Benenfeld. You can reach our office at [number type=”2″] or [number type=”1″] for a free consultation today.