The defense lawyer in my car crash case is asking for my complete medical records. Is it really that big of deal to agree to this?

Yes. The defense will do everything they can to limit their liability. This means that if you are currently complaining of a back pain after a crash and they find that you mentioned to your doctor that you were experiencing backaches several years ago, they will try and point the blame for your current injury on something that happened in the past.

Nothing good can come out of the defense poking their nose into your medical records. It’s a fishing expedition for them, and they are hoping they find something in your medical history that can help them wash their hands of liability.

Even if you don’t think there is anything in your past medical history that would hurt your car accident injury claim, you never know. You might not have remembered something you said to a doctor at one point or that something you mentioned was put in your file. It is best not to give the defense access to your medical records.

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