Some Common Misconceptions About Slip-and-Fall Cases

Some of the common misconceptions about slip-and-fall cases are that when people slip and fall, they say, “It’s my fault. No big deal” and then they run off all embarrassed and find out the next day that they really have a lot of pain. Once you’ve had a slip and fall, the most important thing to do, and there are numerous things, is, one, take pictures of the area where you fell. Pretty much everyone these days has a cellphone that has a camera. Take a picture.

In addition to that, if you are at a store or a public area, make a report, tell the manager and keep a copy of that report. If they don’t give you a copy of the report, after you’ve filled out whatever you’ve filled out, take a picture with your phone.

If there is a witness that walks by that saw you, ask for their name, ask for their phone number. So, that way, if the insurance company ever tries to deny that you had an accident or say, “There was no water on the floor,” or “The floor wasn’t slippery,” you have the pictures, you have the statement and you have the witnesses.

This way, if everything is fine the following day and you’re not feeling pain, then you don’t pursue the case. If you find that you’re feeling pain the following day after this incident and the pain is not going away, that’s when you should contact a lawyer and pursue your claim. Contact our offices today to discuss your case. We can help you get compensated for the injuries you sustained.