On A Recent Trip To Miami, I Was Involved In A Car Accident And Received Multiple Burns On My Body. Are Their Additional Insurance Claims That I Am Entitled To?

A: Being involved in a Miami car accident is bad enough, but the bodily burns you received are even more serious.

The recovery and rehabilitation time for multiple burns can be lengthy. Filing an insurance claim is crucial, but there may be other reasons for the fire that caused you to receive multiple burns.

There may have been faulty wiring or a defective product in your vehicle that erupted upon impact.

It is important to establish not only how the Miami auto accident happened, but to also establish what the cause of the fire was.

If it is discovered that the fire was caused by a defective product, you may have additional claims that can be filed with the manufacturer of the vehicle.

It is important to contact a Miami auto accident attorney to assist you and investigate your claim.

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