My Teenage Son Wants To Get His License. Is It Getting Any Safer To Drive In Broward County? What Are Current Auto Accident Statistics?

Teenagers between 16-19 years old are drivers identified as those most at risk for fatal auto accidents. In fact, they are three times more likely to die in a car crash than other licensed drivers or passengers. Teen drivers, who are male, newly licensed, and driving with other teen passengers are prime targets for serious auto accident injuries and death.

Nationwide, over one million automobile fatalities occur every year. By year 2020, that statistic is expected to increase by 65%. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that over 2.3 million drivers and passengers are treated in an ER yearly, as a result of being injured in a car crash.

Florida’s Department of Highway Safety reports that 650 auto accidents occur every day. Over 200,000 auto accident injuries are sustained yearly, as well as over 2,000 car crash fatalities.  The plethora of auto accident injuries has lead drivers and passengers alike with the need to more thoroughly understand the leading causes of car crashes and which damages they are entitled to receive for compensation.

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