My Son Was Recently In A Serious Broward County Car Accident And The Airbags On His New Car Did Not Deploy. He Ended Up With A Serious Brain Trauma. Do You Know If He Would Be Eligible For Compensation Because The Airbags Didn’t Work?

Sadly, the case of your son’s traumatic brain injury (TBI), which resulted due to the epic failure of the functioning of the airbag, is not an isolated event.

Consumers intentionally purchase vehicles based on the manufacturer’s promotion of keeping drivers and passengers safe. When airbags fail to function properly, individuals are quite susceptible to serious injuries, such as head trauma and spinal injury. Several manufacturers have recalled their vehicles based on airbag’s failure to function.

General Motors-Recalled these cars in 2012 for airbag failure

  • Cruze
  • Sonic
  • Buick Verano

Chrysler recalled over 900,000 Jeeps manufactured during the last ten years for defective front and side airbags. VW also recalled the 2012-2013 Beetles for airbag failure as well.

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